TUOYOUDA Technology (ZIJING ZHONGKE) Group is a high-tech group that specialized in R&D and Manufacturing of industrial robot, servo motor, intelligent equipment, film blowing machine, bag making machine, melt blown cloth making machine, Rehabilitative robot.



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Company Three-year Development Plan (2018-2020)
1. Realize the production capacity of wind motor, robot, teaching equipment, servo motor, robot reducer and intelligent control, or the output value exceeds 2 billion yuan, and the profit and tax exceed 100 million yuan.
2, industrial robot body capacity of more than 10,000 units, including: special smelting robot, fast drag teaching offline programming spraying robot,
3. The vertical axis rare earth permanent magnet wind motor leads the industrial development with a production capacity of more than 10,000 units in key national fields, Antarctic scientific research, ocean and island construction, military-civilian integration, tourism projects, border posts and wind resources in wind fields.
4. Servo motor technology has entered the international advanced level.
5, merger, acquisition or joint venture development of international leading or advanced technology reducer and intelligent control, to create two major professional brands, output value of more than 100 million yuan.
6. High-end new energy teaching equipment and robot factory teaching equipment are unique, striving to be first-class in new products and market scale.
7. Realize the listing of two large group companies in the south and the north within three years, and support each other at the same time for rapid development. We will further improve the Northern Group with production bases in Tangshan and Baotou and the Southern Group with production bases in Ganzhou and Suzhou.
8, the introduction of reducer and intelligent control projects from Japan and Germany, merger, acquisition or joint venture of two foreign companies, at home and abroad to produce and share technology.
9. Domestic and foreign trade sales were promoted simultaneously, and the domestic market share increased substantially. At the same time, actively and effectively develop the international market, and set up two foreign trade companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
10. Tap the market potential of developed countries and increase the market share of developing countries in robots and intelligent equipment.
11. Cultivate talents, introduce domestic and foreign talents at the same time, meet the talent needs of the rapid development of the enterprise, introduce international high-end talents, and set up foreign robot design companies.
Company 10-year Development Plan (2018-2027)
1. Taking the construction of century-old factory as the development goal, we will make full efforts to promote and consolidate the foundation year by year.
2. After the realization of the listing of the North and South Group companies, the market value of the two groups exceeds 10 billion yuan, the profits and taxes exceed 1 billion yuan, and strive to be listed in the international financial market.
3. In the process of rapid growth of enterprises, we should not only realize the acceleration of overtaking on the same road, but also realize the creation of another mountain and tunnel, crossing the river, bridging and paving the rugged road, so as to realize leapfrog catch-up development.
4, Vertical axis wind motor to achieve the international leading level, to achieve an annual output of 100,000 units; Robots to achieve domestic well-known enterprises; Servo motor technology level and ability to enter the forefront of the industry; Reducer and controller made international advanced level.
5. Achieving scientific and technological entrepreneurship, scientific and technological development, scientific and technological leadership, industrial leadership, international capital operation, domestic and foreign trade simultaneously, and achieving an annual growth rate of more than 50% in output value;
6. Talent training and talent introduction should be promoted simultaneously to realize the supporting and support for the rapid development of the enterprise. The introduction of domestic and foreign talents, vigorously develop new products.
7. The robot project completes the global strategic industrial layout, and forms a global industry by innovating around high-end new energy industry, high-end machinery manufacturing industry, intelligent robot industry, and new-type education equipment industry. Strive to complete marketing and industrial layout in three or more domestic cities;

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