TUOYOUDA Technology (ZIJING ZHONGKE) Group is a high-tech group that specialized in R&D and Manufacturing of industrial robot, servo motor, intelligent equipment, film blowing machine, bag making machine, melt blown cloth making machine, Rehabilitative robot.



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The company team is composed of a number of overseas high-level talents. Chairman Zhao Xin is a national high-level talent (Ten Thousand Talents Plan), overseas high-level talents (Hundred Talents Plan), outstanding talents of overseas students returning to China from the Ministry of Human Resources, China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award (innovative talents), senior experts contacted by the central government, technology Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents, National Award Evaluation Experts, Excellent Provincial Management Experts.

And It set up two joint ventures with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University.Through the introduction of excellent talent, the company will stronger and bigger . We are now recruiting talents from the society, and we hope that the executive,capable and ambitious people will join.

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