TUOYOUDA Technology (ZIJING ZHONGKE) Group is a high-tech group that specialized in R&D and Manufacturing of industrial robot, servo motor, intelligent equipment, film blowing machine, bag making machine, melt blown cloth making machine, Rehabilitative robot.

  • Film Blowing & Bag Making Machine

    Film Blowing & Bag Making Machine

    The film blowing machine developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of best hardness, corrosion resistance, and saving energy , labor, production plant, etc. It’s extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. Hence it’s sound in hardness, durable in corrosion resistance. The specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity.

  • Industrial Robot & Servo Motor

    Industrial Robot & Servo Motor

    The intelligent industrial robot project developed and produced by the company is a high-end robot project integrating R&D, design, and production of six-axis industrial robots and special industrial robots. The project will build a modern robot industrial production line with an annual output of 2000 units (sets) of various 6-axis industrial robots, glaze spray robots, welding robots, rare earth smelting robots, rare earth grinding robots and various industrial robots.

  • Intelligent Equipment

    Intelligent Equipment

    The company has independently developed a robot intelligent production line to realize unmanned intelligent production of casing, winding, magnetization, assembly and other processes. It uses advanced technology to produce high-quality servo motor products to meet the current servo motor market development needs and promote my country The rapid development of the high-efficiency motor industry has made a strong contribution to the sustainable development of our country’s economy.

  • Mask & Electric Toothbrush

    Mask & Electric Toothbrush

    At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, our company took the initiative to shift production to research and develop mask production equipment at the moment of crisis. Using the existing plant, we built a mask clean plant of 3000 square meters, made an automatic production line of 23 masks, and built a project of producing 100 smart masks per year (sets) and producing 3 million masks per day.

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

    Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

    The company has a vertical axis rare earth permanent magnet wind turbine core technology completely independent intellectual property rights.It is the drafting unit of the National Vertical Axis Wind Motor Standard, and has undertaken the National International Science and Technology Cooperation Project, the National Small and Medi-sized Enterprise Innovation Foundation Project, and the Excellent Project of the Ministry of Human Resources for Return-to-China Entrepreneurship. It has won the title of "National Key New Product" and the Excellence Award of China Patent Award.

  • Rehabilitative robot

    Rehabilitative robot

    The company has researched a robotic nursing robot, which is mainly aimed at solving obstacles in lower limb movement. This robot combines robotics and human-machine theories for mechanical design, and propose a kind of nursing that can help patients with lower limb movement disorders in nursing, urination, and rehabilitation.

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