TOYODA Group is a high-tech group company integrating industrial robots, servo motors, intelligent equipment manufacturing, vertical axis wind turbine R & D and manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade simultaneously.


Ten-year Development Plan of the Company (2018-2027)

1、To build a century-old factory as the development goal, to promote, year by year to consolidate the foundation.

2、After the listing of the two groups, the market value is over 10 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes are over 1 billion yuan. The two groups strive to be listed in the international financial market.

3、In the process of rapid growth of enterprises, not only to achieve the acceleration of overtaking on the same curve, but also to achieve another mountain tunnel, bridge across the river to pave the rugged road, to achieve leapfrog development.

4、Vertical shaft wind motor to achieve an annual output of 100,000 units; Robot, servo motor technology level and ability to enter the forefront of the industry.

5、To achieve scientific and technological entrepreneurship, scientific and technological development, scientific and technological leadership, industrial leadership, international capital operation, domestic and foreign trade simultaneously, and an annual growth rate of output of more than 50%;

6、Talent team training and talent introduction at the same time, to achieve with the rapid development of enterprises supporting and supporting. The introduction of domestic and foreign talents, vigorously develop new products.

7、The robot project completes the layout of global strategic industries, and forms an industry centering on the innovation of high-end new energy industry, high-end machinery manufacturing industry, intelligent robot industry and new-type education equipment industry. Strive to complete the marketing and industrial layout in three or more cities in China;