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Rotogravure Printing machine (without shaft)

Rotogravure Printing machine (without shaft)

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1. Technical Parameters
1.Printing colors: 3 colors
2.Printing material:cellophane, Paper, BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, CPP, Nylon Membrane,etc.
3.Material width: 630mm
4.Printing width: 600mm
5.Machine speed: 90m/min
6.Printing speed: 10-70m/min(7.Print cylinder diameter:φ100mm~φ240mm
8.Registering accuracy::Longitude ≤±0.15mm;Transverse≤±0.15mm9.Main motor:frequency motor 3KW 
10.overall dimension (L X W X H):3200×2400×2525mm
11.Cast iron chassis, drying system with double drying tunnel
12.Suitable material:
BOPP: 10-80 μm
PE: 25-120μm
PVC: 12-120μm
OPP: 10-120μm
CPP: 15-80 μm
PY(Nylon): 12-80μm
Aluminum, paper, and combined film and paper with the same properties.

2. Machine configuration
2.1. Unwinding section
1. Automatic swing arm controller (speed can be synchronized with the film machine)
3. Printing unit
3.1 Printing roller:
1. Left and right adjustment of plate roller: manual
2. Transmission box: high-precision gear transmission box
3. Printing plate loading:shaft-less 
4. Printing width:800mm to1220mm
3.2 press embossing roller
1. Imprinting method: double swing arm pneumatic booster
2. Maximum pressure:300kg
3.  press embossing roller:φ120mm 
3.3 Doctor blade
1. Doctor blade: manual, three direction adjustable
2. Doctor blade pressure: manual adjustment
3. Doctor blade movement:±5mm
3.4 Ink holder
Printing plate inking type: the plate roller is directly immersed in the ink pan
Vertical lifting of ink tray: Hand wheel operation
Ink pan depth: 50mm
3.5 Dry system 
1. Structure type: sealed oven, hot air rapid exhaust arc structure, energy-saving and quick-drying
2. Drying method:Electric heating
3. temperature control system:Automatic thermostat control
4. Upper and lower fans: centrifugal fans
5. oven:double layers cycle hot oven for drying
3.6 Guiding roller
1. Guiding roller length:630mm
2. Guiding roller diameter:φ70mm
6. machine frame and transmission part
1. Integral high-strength low-stress alloy cast iron wall panel
2. The main motor transmits power to each color through the main drive shaft, several couplings and gearboxes, driving the plate roller to run.
3. The connection between the gear box and each drive shaft is elastic connection
4. Wallboard thickness: 60mm
5. Transmission shaft: φ40mm

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Rotogravure Printing machine (without shaft)

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